TOP 5 Unconventional September Holidays You Should Celebrate

Need an excuse to throw a party?
Here at HOTTT.COM, we love offbeat holidays that we can celebrate with family and friends.
Here's our TOP 5 List of Unconventional September Holidays!

1. National Grandparents Day (Sept 7)

National Grandparents Day is a holiday set aside to encourage you to spend some time with your "old folks". Apparently, this was established back in 1978 and signed into law by President Jimmy Carter! They even have their own (sort of cheesy) song: A Song for Grandma And Grandpa. If you've been missing this important holiday then you better find a way to make it up to your grandma and grandpa.

2. National Teddy Bear Day (Sept 9)

No one knows the origin of this holiday, however cyberspace has spoken and it has declared Sept 9th as National Teddy Bear Day! Teddy Bears were inspired by "Teddy" Roosevelt. One day, on a hunting trip, "Teddy" Roosevelt couldn't find any game to shoot. When he had an opportunity to shoot a small baby bear, he refused. A toy company read the story and proceeded to name the Teddy Bear after him. Be sure to celebrate this cute day by cuddling with your childhood Teddy Bear!

(Source: rebloggy)

3. National Play-Doh Day (Sept 16)

Oh, the nostalgia! National Play-Doh Day was created by Hasbro, one of the largest toy companies in the world. You can celebrate this day by buying a pack of wacky colours to create a kiddy masterpiece. Let your inner Picasso out ;). Or, if you want an even quirkier way of celebrating this lovely day, you can spritz on some certified Play-Doh Perfume (made for women and men).

(Source: reddit)

4. National Cheeseburger Day (Sept 18)

AKA, Errryday. This unofficial holiday is an awesome excuse to go out to your favorite burger joint and order an All-American Cheeseburger. You can find a bunch of deals on this day, so keep your eyes open. If you're ever in Toronto then order from The Burger's Priest, you will not be disappointed!

(Source: Fluffy Girl)

5. International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept 19)

Ahoy! Buckos! Don't forget t' take part in International Talk Like a Pirate Day. This holiday be a result from a lad's article back in 2002. Now, it's celebrated all over t' world and has a legit website. Need some help getting a hold of t' pirate language? Check out this useful Pirate-to-English translator!

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Other quirky holidays in September on our radar:

Be Late for Something Day | Cheese Pizza Day (Sept 5)
Fight Procrastination Day (Sept 6)
Chocolate Milkshake Day | National Video Games Day (Sept 12)
Fortune Cookie Day | National Peanut DayDefy Superstition Day | Positive Thinking Day (Sept 13)
National Cream-Filled Donut Day (Sept 14)
Make a Hat Day (Sept 15)
Collect Rocks Day (Sept 16)
National Apple Dumpling Day (Sept 17)
National Punch Day (Sept 20)
World Gratitude Day | Miniature Golf Day (Sept 21)
Elephant Appreciation Day (Sept 22)
Checkers Day | Dogs in Politics Day (Sept 23)
National Cherries Jubilee Day (Sept 24)
National Comic Book Day (Sept 25)
Johnny Appleseed Day (Sept 26)
Crush a Can Day (Sept 27)
Ask a Stupid Question Day (Sept 28)
International Rabbit Day (Every 4th Friday in Sept)
National Mud Pack Day (Sept 30)

Love our list? Which one of these quirky holidays will you be adopting into your calendar? Let us know in the comments!

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